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Critical Mass: National Book Critics Circle Blog

"How did you as the artist negotiate this construction of God in your own image?"


PANK Magazine

"When will poetry stop killing families?"


Lantern Review

"How do you recharge when you're feeling beaten down creatively?"


Best American Poetry Blog

"What is one thing that you desire to say as a poet, but haven't said yet?"

The Rumpus (Book Review: Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows)

"If we’re lucky, a poet can find beauty in the midst of suffering, not to negate the pain, but to complicate it." — Kenji Liu


On the Seawall / (Book Review: Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows)

"This view of the world as a piece of art is the center of gravity around which so many poems bend their questions." — Tarfia Faizullah

American Microreviews (Book Review: Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows)

"The speaker's embrace of her mistakes and her carousel of characters' own mistakes often left me with a realness not often encountered in other contemporary poems." — Sabastian H. Paramo


"[Eugenia's] work is divine both in its fantastic delivery and its literal allegory to deity." — JD Scott


Lantern Review

"[Eugenia's] writing is lush and unabashed, suffused with streaks of light that pierce through histories of trauma and grief." — Iris A. Law


The Journal

2014 Poetry Hotlist